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Columbia, Maryland

When visitors come to Bridgeway for the first time, we want them to feel welcomed. Too often people walk into a church and feel overwhelmed or maybe a bit lost at first, but Bridgeway’s Lobby Crew ministry works to create an energetic, informative, and truly welcoming experience for everyone who walks through the doors.

I have been attending Bridgeway for over ten years, but I still remember how it feels to be the new guy at church. When you’re new to a place, a friendly face directing you where to park or welcoming you in the lobby makes a world of difference. For the past three years, I have been serving with the Lobby Crew ministry.

Each Sunday my team and I wear purple t-shirts that ask people in different languages, “got questions?” Our church is big, and it can be a bit overwhelming at first. So our goal is to create a welcoming and informative atmosphere for people who enter our doors. Then, in between the three services, as people are often hanging out in the lobby, we are available to connect people to the right ministry, group, or upcoming event.

One of my favorite parts of this ministry is watching my team members proactivity approach people and be that friendly, welcoming voice saying, “We’re so glad you’re here today.” We believe when visitors feel warmly welcomed, they get to experience a small piece of God’s accepting and loving presence. We see the sanctuary as our home, and we are inviting people in the lobby to come in as our guests.