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Did you know a keyboard could be powered by a car battery? Neither did I! But one of the most memorable moments for me during our trip to Haiti taught me just that and so much more.

Six teenagers from the Grace International Girls’ and Boys’ Home stood in a room that holds about twenty-five people and pulled out that keyboard. In fact, it was one Bridgeway’s Band Director, Minister Ronald Greene, had donated on a previous trip! Then, without microphones and accompanied only by the keyboard, these youth began to worship the Lord. Holy, holy, holy is the Lamb, they sang. It was the most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard. I was so deeply blessed by their voices and their faith, and it was a gift to be able to worship together with brothers and sisters from Haiti.

We were also able to connect with Bishop and Madame Jeune, Bridgeway’s ministry partners in Haiti. More than once, Bishop Jeune pulled us aside to say how thankful he was for our team. He shared how connected he feels to Bridgeway since a team from our church visited last October. While he expressed gratitude for Bridgeway’s support and presence, I was also so blessed by this couple. They are incredibly special, and they are living a beautiful ministry in Haiti.

The Haiti Team is back home, safe and sound and with very full hearts! We are grateful to have been able to join with four other teams from around the U.S. to share Christmas with more than 7,000 children. Our team is thankful to be part of Bridgeway’s mission to serve the world for Christ. God is moving in Haiti, and we were glad to experience His presence in the lives of Bishop and Madame Jeune and six teenagers with a keyboard!


P.S. We have a recording of the Haitian chorus for you to enjoy, too!