Jesus is our passion, desire, and pursuit. We love to love Him as He has loved us. Our community centers itself first and foremost around this activity: receiving love from God and giving love back to God through prayer and worship. — UPPERROOM

“Love Note” by UPPERROOM. Written by Abbie Gamboa, Gabriel Gamboa, Julian Gamboa, Oscar Gamboa, and Winston James Yellen

Lead Vocal by Quimi Eaves
Dance performed and choreographed by Tori Farnsworth
Music by Micah Robinson (Keys) and Carmelo Rosa (Acoustic Guitar)
Background Vocals by Ronald Greene and Bambi Odumosu
Cameras by Thalia Barnes, Jeremiah Dammons, Anani Missihou, and Lisa Nganga
Video Direction by Alex Becker
Lighting by Keith Keahey and Lawrence Mickens
Audio Engineering by John Spicer