All About Bridgeway

Ways to learn more about our church

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More Questions?

So you want to learn more about Bridgeway? Great! We have all sorts of ways for you to get as much information as you'd like!

BCC 101
Introduction to Bridgeway class, offered every 1st and 3rd Sunday at 10:00 AM.
BCC 201
Partnership Download class, offered monthly as a 2½ hour deeper dive into Bridgeway beliefs, background, structure, and a wealth of other information.
Connection Corner
Connection Corner is a place where new guests can process their visit and ask related questions.
The City
The City is Bridgeway's Ministry Network, allowing people to get connected to other people, to ministries, and to events at Bridgeway.
Lobby Crew &
Information Center
Helps attendees connect with The City and events and answers questions.
Church Office
Bridgeway offices are open Tuesday through Friday, from 9:00 PM until 5:00 PM Eastern Time. Our helpful receptionists will gladly answer questions for you! Lots of ways to contact us.
The delivery of God's Word, in a way relevant for this day and time, makes me want to keep coming back.- d. Joyce
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