Our Strategy

How we fulfill the mission of Bridgeway

It Starts With Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to build into one another as we build bridges to our community.  We focus on building into ourselves and on serving our community.  In fact, everything we do is based on our simple Discipleship Model.

Our vision is to be a multicultural body of fully devoted followers of Christ moving forward in unity & love to reach our community, our culture & our world for Jesus Christ.

Up, In, Out Discipleship Model

As we look to model our lives after Jesus' way of living, we see that He had three areas of focus. He spent time connecting deeply with the Father - UP. He spent time connecting in relationships with those in his spiritual family - IN. And He spent time connecting with His purpose to bring hope and healing to this world - OUT.  In our journey to follow Him, we seek to live this same Up - In - Out life. All our ministries and programs are geared to develop us in these three areas.

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Our Core Values Make Us Unique

Every church has certain attributes that are important to it. You could call this collection of characteristics the unique "DNA" of a church, or more formally, its Core Values.  At Bridgeway, our Core Values are listed as the acronym B.R.I.D.G.E.S.  They are:

  • Building into one another
  • Reconciliation: God to man, and man to man
  • Instruction: Truth from the word of God in the person of Jesus Christ
  • Dynamic Worship: An active lifestyle of praise to God
  • Growth: Moving to God and moving with God
  • Evangelism: Sharing the Good News
  • Stewardship and Service: Sharing in what God has given

Financial Stewardship

Each week, people from around the country, with diverse backgrounds and socioeconomic statuses, give donations to Bridgeway. These people gather together across all of our campuses and believe that God wants to be first in every aspect of their lives—including their money. These donated gifts go towards creating opportunities to fulfill the mission of Bridgeway. Not only is giving important as our act of worship, but it is used to reach and serve those who are hurting in our communities and our world.

I love coming to Bridgeway; it's a smaller reflection of how I'd like the world to be: diverse, unconditional, and accepting. - d. Joyce
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