2016-2017 Series

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Generous God: The Generosity of God to Us

God is full of generosity. We see it in creation, we see it in redemption, we see it in His graciousness and compassion. Through this series, we'll learn how God intends for us to leverage His generosity to fulfill the purposes He has for us, while we at the same time become whole and prosperous.

The 2020 Vision Generosity Initiative

Attend one of the vision tours or home meetings, and consider how you might participate in the initiative.

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The Series

April 23
The God Who Longs to be Gracious
Dr. David Anderson
April 30
The God Who Rises to Show Compassion
Dr. David Anderson
May 7
The God Who Patiently Waits
Dr. David Anderson
May 14
(also Mothers Day)
The God of Motherly Love
Rev. Dr. Barbara Williams Skinner
May 21
The God Who Gives Good Gifts
Rev. Scott Garber


The delivery of God's Word, in a way relevant for this day and time, makes me want to keep coming back.- d. Joyce
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