2016-2017 Series

H.U.G. Prosperity

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Jesus In Me

The Jesus Triangle is a model we see as we study the life of Jesus, and it gives us insight into how to practically and personally help people in their discipleship: that is, helping them become more like and Christ as they follow Him.  Learn how to focus through the three angles of up, in, and out.


We've prepared a 21-day devotional, some general discipleship readiness questions, and more, for you to reference. Also, we've got our Wednesday Night Alive classes kicking off on Wednesday night, January 11, 2017 to help support discipleship. You'll want to see how those classes align to your desire to grow up, in, and out.

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Message Archive

Here are the message archives, in case you missed this series. You can also catch services every week on our YouTube or Facebook pages!

January 8
Reaching UP
January 15
Reaching IN
January 22
Reaching OUT

I love coming to Bridgeway; it's a smaller reflection of how I'd like the world to be: diverse, unconditional, and accepting. - d. Joyce
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