2016-2017 Series

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The Profitable Habits of a Prosperous Person

It may not come as a surprise that living exceptional, profitable, and prosperous lives doesn’t come on accident.  There are habits that when adopted in various areas and in different stages of life, can lead to the fullness of purpose that God wishes for each of us.  During this six-week series, we will explore spiritual, physical, relational, financial, and emotional habits that we can implement immediately, whether we’re young or old, man or woman, married, or single.  It’s when these various habits are done in tandem that we become whole and prosperous.

The Series

March 5
A Prosperous Woman
Dr. David Anderson
March 12
A Prosperous Man
Pastor Dan Taylor
March 19
A Prosperous Youngster
Dr. David Anderson
March 26
A Prosperous Senior
Dr. David Anderson
April 2
A Prosperous Friend
Pastor Dave Michener
April 9
(also Palm Sunday)
A Prosperous Single
Minister Sandy Pope

Easter Sunday

This series will lead right up to Easter Sunday, April 16, 2018, where we'll enjoy a single service at Merriweather Post Pavilion, in Columbia, MD. Hope to see you at Easter@Merriweather!

We wanted to create a church where people would be sad they had to wait a week to come back.- Dr. David Anderson
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