2016-2017 Series

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What's My Naaman?

What's My Naaman?

"What's My Naaman?" is a summer character study on Naaman, a valiant soldier and leader of the Syrian army in 2 Kings 5.  Naaman had leprosy and God led him to his healing through the uncommon voice of a young Hebrew girl. Naaman encountered the Man of God, Elisha, and was given illogical instructions to ascertain his healing. God doesn't always heal us the way we expect. Following him by faith may challenge our thinking, our logic, and our traditions. In this story we also see deceit and trickery. There will often be others around who seek to benefit from our blessings. Let them. God will sort out the consequences.

The Series

August 13
Living with Dis-Ease
Leprosy was a skin disease that caused discoloration. It could be seen as what we call skin cancer today. Whatever leprosy was it surely was life-altering and one needed healing from it. Even though Naaman was a leader he wasn't immuned from the physical ailments of humanity. He needed healing from his dis-ease. Isn't this something we all want? In this sermon, Pastor Anderson talks about how we all need God's healing and what we can do to seek it. 
August 20
Living with Uncommon Voices
There was a young Jewish girl,  a hidden hero really, who God used to turn the mind of the commander Naaman. Can you discern uncommon voices God puts in your life for the good? Who is your Naaman? Pastor Anderson will teach us how God can and has strategically positioned people around us to speak encouragement and healing into our lives. Are you stewarding your access and your voice for the good and for God? This young girl definitely did! She gets no credit, but God keeps the real ledger. :-)
August 27
Living Beyond Logic 
Naaman's logic got the best of his emotions. At first we don't see the connection between logic and emotions until something doesn't seem logical and it frustrates us. Such frustration can lead to anger as it did for Naaman who didn't understand why Elisha would direct him toward a different path for healing that he expected. I have a Naaman-kind-of-anger too when I don't get what I want or when I don't understand why things don't go the way I have planned; or worse, when people don't act the way I desire. How do we live beyond our logical selves? In this sermon, Pastor Anderson will help us practically deal with our negative emotions. 
September 3
Living with a Snake 
Unfortunately, everyone around us isn't on our same agenda. Many people have their own personal agenda or become opportunist when they see an opening, a weakness, or a vulnerability. Some folks may want to mooch off of our faith, our obedience, our anointing, our healing or our blessing. This was the case for Elisha's servant, Gehazi. He went to steal money that wasn't his and paid the ultimate price for backstabbing Elisha, the man of God, and stealing from God's blessed healing of Naaman. Pastor Anderson will  teach us how to handle snakes in our lives.
The delivery of God's Word, in a way relevant for this day and time, makes me want to keep coming back.- d. Joyce
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