2018-19 Ministry Year Theme

The theme this year, Embrace Gracism, will inspire our church to be the kind of bridge-building followers of Jesus Christ that God calls us to be at Bridgeway and beyond. Based on the book, Gracism: The Art of Inclusion (2007, IVP), our ministry will double down on what it actually means to be a “gracist” and how every person and ministry department can live out the seven sayings and/or principles of gracism.  The seven sayings of a gracist are:

  1. I will LIFT you up
  2. I will COVER you
  3. I will SHARE with you
  4. I will HONOR you
  5. I will STAND with you
  6. I will CONSIDER you
  7. I will CELEBRATE with you

Sermon Series

Our ministry year, which follows the standard school calendar, kicked off on September 9, 2018 with Dr. Anderson's Vision Message. Our series to date are:

  • Elevate (September 16 - October 7)
  • Perspectives of Racial Reconciliation (October 14 - November 4)
  • Living in the Shadows (November 11 - December 2)
  • Plenty (December 9 - December 16)
  • Holiday Services (December 23 - December 30)
  • Breaking Thru to the Best U (January 6 - January 20)
  • State of the Church Address (January 27)
  • Guest Speaker Series (February 3 - February 24)
  • The Splendor of Gender (March 3 - March 17)
  • Graceonomics (March 24 - March 31)
  • Consider This (April 7 - April 14)

You can review past services on our Facebook or YouTube pages.

Generosity Initiative

Have you heard about our vision for the year 2020? We're excited about the direction towards which God has us progressing. You'll want to know about this as well, and how you can practically get in on what God is up to!

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