Family, Friends, & Foes

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Relationships that help you discover God

Speaker: Dr. David Anderson

January 5 - Family

In this talk, Pastor Anderson teaches about the character Andrew from the New Testament who was often found bringing people to Jesus. He was an “inviter” and “encourager” to help others become all they could be for Christ. How are you doing in your family relationships? God can use you to help others family members discover God and live out their purpose for him as well.

January 12 - Friends

Friends are people God brings into our lives to walk with us and be companions along the way of life. Some friends will walk with you for life and others for seasons in your life. Some friends will last and others will fade, fail, or fall away. Pastor Anderson will teach us how to be a good friend as well as how to let some friends go.

January 19 - Foes

No one wants to have “foes” or enemies in their lives, but the disturbing reality of relationships is that sometimes people are not always for you. Some people are against you. Why? Maybe because you hurt them or because they are immature. Maybe because of jealousy or envy. For some, there is no good reason not to be hateful to you except the fact that you “rub them the wrong way”. Whatever the case, just make sure that they do not define you, deter you, or discourage you from what God has in store for you. Pastor Anderson teaches us how we can discover God and grow spiritually even with foes in our lives.

I love coming to Bridgeway; it's a smaller reflection of how I'd like the world to be: diverse, unconditional, and accepting. - d. Joyce
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