The Age of Rage

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Speaker: Dr. David Anderson

The Age of Rage is a 3 week series that addresses the topic of anger in our lives. As the culture seems to be getting angrier, we find ourselves having to deal with our own thoughts and feelings while navigating the emotions of others around us. This series will help us uncover how God desires us to handle and even leverage our anger for righteousness and not harm.

March 1 - Uncovering What Makes Me Angry

Most often it is hurt and broken expectations that cause the deepest pain. This hurt can automatically shift into anger. Anger is not always displayed through loud yelling and raging rants. Sometimes it turns inward and become depression, bitterness and contempt. Such inward actions can lead to self-destructive behaviors and habits that sabotage our very lives and can turn outward to hurt others.

March 8 - Discovering What Makes You Angry

The anger of others affects us deeply. It is not until we understand what makes another person feel so deeply the way they do, that we are able to engage healthily with them. The difficult thing is when others cannot be understood and their anger becomes toxic in our lives. This message will attempt to help us discover what is making those around us so angry. But it will also teach us when to walk away from the toxicity that poisons our own well-being.

March 15 - Recovering from the Ravages of Anger

Anger, when unhinged, can ravage our relationships with others, ourselves, and with God. What the enemy meant for evil to completely destroy our lives can, indeed, be recovered and redeemed. How do we take back what has been stolen and lost because of our anger and/or the anger of others? This message will help us all sort out healthy ways to recover from the ravages of anger.

Coming to Bridgeway gives me hope, that the world can change for the better. Not only that, but Dr. David Anderson and the congregation have a way of engaging the congregation like no other.- d. Joyce
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