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Wednesday Night Alive

Midweek service for the whole family

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You want to grow in your faith...

You are looking for an opportunity to learn more about God and His Word. You need to recharge at the middle of your week, through worship and fellowship.  You just can't wait 'til Sunday, because you can't get enough of this place called Bridgeway!  These are but a few reasons you’ll want to join us for Wednesday Night Alive services!

Janet's Story

A Wednesday Night Alive Family Experience

For my family, WNA is the perfect night for us to connect more deeply with God. I drop my 10th grade teenager off at Nexus for Youth Alive where he connects with others his age, has a lot of fun, and is challenged to grow in his faith. Then I drop my 2 year old and 8 year old off at BridgeKids Alive where they engage in an active environment with other kids, having fun together as they explore faith and how to apply it to their lives. At the end of the evening, after picking everyone up, we are able to share with each other what we learned and experienced. WNA truly helps us create a tighter spiritual bond as a family!

Winter Semester 2017

This winter’s semester is broken into two six weeks segments, allowing attendees to choose a twelve week class or two six week classes. It’s up to you! Dig deep with a longer class, or change it up with 2 different classes.

Winter Semester A – Will meet every Wednesday from January 11 – February 15.
Winter Semester B – Will meet every Wednesday from March 1 – April 5.

Register For Class

Classes Winter Semester A

(January 11 - February 15)

Classes Winter Semester B

(March 1 - April 5)

  • Soul Keeping [UP]: Pastor Dan Taylor
    In this class John Ortberg helps us discover what the soul is, why it is important, how to assess the soul’s health, and how to care for it so that it contributes to the depth and beauty of our relationship with God and others.
  • 6 Ways to Engage in God's World Mission [OUT]: Julie Heiliger and BMW Ministry Team
    This class is designed to help you learn how to be a global Christian no matter what season of life you're in.
  • Bridge Building 201 [OUT]: Elder Frank Eastham (Requires attendance all 6 weeks)
    This class is for those that have taken Bridge Building 101 or have experience in building relational bridges across cultural and racial divides. This class will dig deeper into racial reconciliation and how to build bridges to those different than us.
  • Book of Ruth Bible Study [UP]: Minister Steve Hardnett
    This class explores the Old Testament book of Ruth, which is a narrative of a love story, yet also has some important Genealogy. Continuing Classes:
  • Elders Prayer [UP]: Bridgeway's Elders
    Share your request, pray & be encouraged together.
  • Money Smarts [IN]: Jim Harris & Team
    Practical help for your personal finances. Topics to include: Budgeting, Real Estate, Resume Writing, Interview Skills and much more.
  • Book of James Bible Study [UP]: Minister Gary Coiro
    Want straight forward practical advice from God? Are you facing a trial? And, how about a temptation that can emerge in the midst of a trial... What does it mean that our faith should manifest itself in deeds? What is the influence of my words on others? Where can I go when I’m spiritually low? These questions will be addressed by James as we study verse-by-verse.
  • Learn to Share Your Faith (Registration Closed) [OUT]: Minister Sandy Pope
    This class equips fully devoted Christ-followers to share the Gospel and make disciples.
  • Life After Divorce (Registration Closed) [IN]: Pastor Angel Cartagena
    Bridgeway's Divorce Recovery course, The Other Side: Life After Divorce, is intended to approach divorce by asking three questions: What happened? What must I do to heal? Can I ever experience the joy of a healthy marriage?

BridgeKids Alive (2 years old — 5th Grade)

Feel free to drop your children off at the BridgeKids area before entering the auditorium for Wednesday Night Alive for an engaging, fun-filled environment for kids to explore their faith and learn how to apply it in life.

Youth Alive (6th — 12th Grade)

Drop your middle school and high school students off at Nexus where they will experience an interactive and fun way to learn the truth of Christ and how it applies to their lives. We can’t wait to see you there!

Growing up in megachurches, I have never experienced a pastor like Pastor Anderson. His teachings and leadership are beyond anything that I've experienced before.- Ian
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