Financial Support

Helping to steward God's resources

Financial Support

Most of us have experienced seasons of financial hardships in our lives. Bridgeway offers services to Bridgeway attendees and our community, to help them lift the burden of financial hardship and better leverage God's resources in our lives. 


The Bridgeway Community Church Benevolence Program is designed to provide assistance to those in our congregation who may be struggling financially.  Although the request for assistance is not a guarantee of financial assistance, the Benevolence Ministry will provide at least financial counseling as well as other tangible resources.

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Financial Counseling

Do you need help with creating a spending plan or budget? Paying off debt? Need help finding money for blessing God or others? We've developed a financial support ministry that can help you with one-on-one financial counseling. These trained financial counselors are willing and happy to help you develop a plan to experience financial freedom and financial breakthrough in your life.

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Financial Classes

We offer a Financial curriculum to cover a wide range of topics. Participants benefit from learning from others through group discussion and collaboration. Topics include budgeting, real estate, resume writing, and interviewing skills. Offered classes will be posted on the Bridgeway Events page.

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