Dr. David Anderson will be interviewing and visiting with several national and international influencers for Christ to discuss hope and how we can look forward to what God has in store for us as Followers Of Christ United in the Spirit.

Sunday February 7, 2021: Interview with Nona Jones – Dr. David Anderson

Our Guest Speaker Series kicks off with Nona Jones! She talks with Dr. David Anderson about trauma, life, leadership, and so much more.

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Sunday February 14, 2021: Interview with Phil VischerDr. David Anderson

Dr. David Anderson interviews Phil Vischer, creator of #Veggietales and co-host of #TheHolyPost Podcast, as they discuss his career, modern Christianity, and talking vegetables.

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Sunday February 21, 2021: Interview with Edgar Sandoval – Dr. David Anderson

Dr. David Anderson interviews Edgar Sandoval, the president of World Vision; they discuss Edgar’s career, how he came to Christ, and a compelling vision to positively impact children worldwide.

Sign up to get #chosen at https://www.worldvision.org/bcc or text BCC to 56170

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Sunday February 28, 2021: Interview with Israel Houghton – Dr. David Anderson

Israel Houghton is a prolific worship leader and musician who’s ministry has brought people hope and encouragement around the world. In this interview with Dr. David Anderson, Israel discusses his life, his ministry, and how he is encouraged by the response of several churches to the ongoing pandemic, including Bridgeway!

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