Pastor's Story

When I was eighteen years old, I surrendered my stubborn will to the lordship of Jesus Christ. I pulled my car over to the side of the road in Prince George’s County, Maryland, where I wept like a baby as I invited Jesus into my life. During those life-changing moments, I sensed a new direction for my life to reach as many people for Christ as I could, which eventually led me toward becoming a pastor. But I needed to pastor a church that was multicultural so all people would feel welcome.

As I pursued my education, I painted a picture to everyone I knew about what a racially integrated church could and should be. I often received smiles and well-wishes that had the background noise of “That’s nice, young man. Good luck.” In fact, “professionals” told me bluntly that a multicultural church would never work.

I think we proved them wrong. In 2017, Bridgeway Community Church celebrated 25 years of ministry! What you experienced today is beyond the vision I had for a multicultural church. From our volunteers in the parking lot to our greeters to the servants in BridgeKids, we are a body of believers from all walks of life. After the service, I hope you attended “Bridgeway in 5” to learn more about us and then grabbed a cup of coffee at the Missions Café. Just like you, everyone here has their own story. No doubt they have come to Bridgeway because of God’s timing and plan for their lives. But how do we keep this vision alive in a culture where Sunday at 10 a.m. is the most segregated hour of the week? The answer at Bridgeway is clear. The only way all the people you have met today have made Bridgeway their church home is because of the personal calling and commitment of Bridgeway leadership to maintain the vision and intentional pursuit of multicultural ministry.

So, while we know that Bridgeway isn’t for everyone, we welcome you into our diverse community. No matter how long you stay, we hope you will be challenged to take your next steps of faith in Jesus Christ. We hope you find a community of friends from colors, classes, and cultures different from your own. And we hope you find a place to use the gifts and talents God has given to you in service to His Church.

I encourage you to take the next step and attend “Bridgeway 101” for a deeper dive into who we are. Engage further through “Plus 1” where you find a place to serve and/or join a Life Group. And when you are ready, we invite you to become a Partner where you are committed to owning the vision and mission of Bridgeway Community Church.

More than anything, I want to personally welcome you. We are so glad you visited today.

David Anderson
Founder and Senior Pastor