About Us

Building into one another as we build bridges to our community

It starts with our Mission & Vision


Our mission is to build into one another as we build bridges to our community.


Our vision is to be a multicultural body of fully devoted followers of Christ moving forward in unity & love to reach our community, our culture & our world for Jesus Christ.

Our Pastor

When I was eighteen years old, I surrendered my stubborn will to the lordship of Jesus Christ. I pulled my car over to the side of the road in Prince George’s County, Maryland, where I wept like a baby as I invited Jesus into my life. During those life-changing moments, I sensed a new direction for my life to reach as many people for Christ as I could, which eventually led me toward becoming a pastor. But I needed to pastor a church that was multicultural so all people would feel welcome.

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The Bridgeway Team

Meet our multicultural team!

Core Values

Every church has certain attributes that are important to it. You could call this collection of characteristics the unique "DNA" of a church, or more formally, its Core Values. At Bridgeway, our Core Values are listed as the acronym B.R.I.D.G.E.S. They are:


B- Building into one another


R-Reconciliation: God to man, and man to man


I- Instruction: Truth from the word of God in the person of Jesus Christ


D- Dynamic Worship: An active lifestyle of praise to God


G-Growth: Moving to God and moving with God


E-Evangelism: Sharing the Good News


Stewardship and Service: Sharing in what God has given

Embrace Gracism

When people deal with color, class or culture in a negative way, that's racism. But the answer is not to ignore these as if they don't matter. Instead, we can look at color, class and culture in a positive way. That's gracism.

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Our Strategy

Our mission is to build into one another as we build bridges to our community. To live out this mission, we ask people from all walks of life to partner with us and to be discipled by the teachings of Jesus.

I was so tired of the "religious rituals" in church: watching people proclaim being a Christian, but not being Christ-like. I prayed & searched for a church without the EXTRA and truly multicultural. I was glad when I found it here.
- Mavis S.