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Columbia, Maryland

My husband and I just moved into the area last December, and we found Bridgeway the following month. We have been to a lot of churches over the years, but have rarely found a church family that creates such a welcoming and loving atmosphere for newcomers. Since the first Sunday when we stepped through the doors of Bridgeway, we have felt surrounded by the warmth, care, and joy of a multiracial church that passionately worships together.

As newcomers, we especially appreciated the way Bridgeway tells visitors every week that they should feel no obligation to give financially. We love to contribute and tithe, and we do so freely, even when visiting churches. But it means so much when a church leader eases the tension frequently felt by visitors around offering time. It goes a long way to help build trust and to bring healing to those who’ve been misused by other churches.

We are delighted to see Bridgeway using God’s money wisely and generously. In the brief time we have been coming, we have seen how generous the church is with those who need it, through local and global missions and with individual member needs. There is a culture of celebrating what God is doing and giving gratefully to serve others.

From the moment you walk in at Bridgeway, you feel like a welcomed guest invited into a family celebration. Bridgeway has cultivated these values in everyone who attends, serves, and leads the church. We are grateful to have found this community, and we are eager to start serving alongside our church family.