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Columbia, Maryland

As a parent of three young adults I know the value of having other people, besides myself and my husband, pour into their lives. All three of our kids attended public schools and were surrounded daily by peers not following Jesus. My husband and I encouraged them to be bold in their faith and to live counter culturally. But as most parents can understand, it was a continual uphill battle.

All my kids were in small groups at Bridgeway from 6th grade right up until they graduated from high school. Their small groups were crucial to them, and to us. They provided weekly support and encouragement that helped them each grow in their faith and be steadfast in their walks with Christ. Not only did my kids develop Christ-centered friendships with other students in their small group, but they received valuable teaching and prayer that impacted their lives.

I strongly believe that without their small groups, my kids would have not have had the strength it took to shine for Christ in their world. What each of them learned (and in my youngest’s case, still is learning) continues to shape them as they become young adults.

My oldest daughter believes so strongly in the blessing and power of small groups that she is now leading her own small group of girls. She started three years ago, when they were in 7th grade, and continues to meet with them now for teaching, prayer, and mentorship. She is committed to keep leading them until they graduate!

I couldn’t be more grateful for the youth leaders at Bridgeway and how God has used them to play such a significant role in our kids’ lives.