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Love is a big word. A short word, but a big word. In society, it is often limited to roses and diamond rings, but as Christians, we know true love extends far beyond only romantic relationships. One of the greatest examples of love in the Christian’s story is Jesus sacrificing himself to offer each of us freedom from sin and abundant life.

Love can flourish in many of our relationships when expressed in service and sacrifice for another like Jesus demonstrated. The Mix, a Bridgeway small group for singles 30+, has a reputation for being a place to build valuable friendships and to grow personally and spiritually. It is a place where love for God and one another is nurtured.

One attendee shared, “We are learning to embrace where we are in life and to live it out while serving God.” This focus on Christ’s love and serving Him is undeniable. Love permeates our acts of service. “Even when we go out on a Saturday night, it’s beautiful hearing others say, ‘We gotta get up and serve in the morning.’ We center our events around serving God and the church, and we love it!”

Love can also show up in unexpected places, exactly when we need it. The community at Bridgeway is committed to one another and lifts each other up with prayer, love, and encouragement. One woman declares she became single again kicking and screaming. “After my divorce,” she says, “I didn’t know how to live a single life, more less as a single mom.” The powerful love and care she experienced through The Mix felt like a life saver. “I can honestly say I am living an abundant life!”

When we have experienced the love of God, it overflows in our actions and in our relationships. It cannot be contained in a greeting card, but it shows up in the ways we serve and care for our church community and outside its doors. Love can be present in unexpected places and relationships, and it can point us back to the God who loved us first.