Sermon Series – United When Divided

Dr. David Anderson   -  

Sunday October 25, 2020: The Bonds of Peace – Dr. David Anderson

Dr. David Anderson teaches us to live united in the Spirit even when our flesh is divided. God has called us to unity and not division. How do we stay connected in peace when the world is stirring up division? This message will help us all “Stay in F.O.C.U.S.”

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Sunday November 1, 2020: The Ballots of God’s People – Dr. David Anderson

This week marks an important point in the United States. Millions of Americans will make their voices heard through voting. However, what role does our Christianity play in how we conduct ourselves during, and even after, this period? Is it possible to disagree politically and still maintain the unity within Christ’s body? Join Dr. Anderson as he explores “The Ballots of God’s People”.

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Sunday November 8, 2020: The Battle Never Lost – Dr. David Anderson

Dr. David Anderson helps to guide believers through the tumultuous presidential election. This sermon helps us to remember the most important priority is that God is still on His throne and has never lost a battle.

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