Sermon Series – OTHERwise

Dr. David Anderson   -  

Sunday April 11. 2021: The Other Boats – Dr. David Anderson

Story of Jesus in the storm with the disciples in the boat in Mark 4:35-41.

We are told there were “other” boats. What if Jesus is not in your boat? Why are you not in the boat with Jesus? Common grace allowed for the entire sea to be calmed so that the other boats benefited from the calm. However, what we don’t know is if anyone lost their lives by not being in the same boat as Jesus. When you go through life without Jesus on your boat, you risk losing everything. You might say, “I would’ve gone on the boat if Jesus invited me.” Are you sure? It was his followers who were on the boat with him. Are you a follower? Jesus has never turned away anyone who wanted to follow him or ride with him. What about now? He is inviting you on his boat of eternal life and into the ark of his safety now. What will you do?

Sunday April 18, 2021: The Other Nine – Dr. David Anderson

This is the story of Jesus healing the lepers in Luke 17:11-19.

One leper came back to thank Jesus, but what happened to the other nine? They all received healing, but maybe they were too shy to return. Maybe their faith wasn’t enough to believe the healing was real. Maybe they were embarrassed and didn’t want to give Jesus the credit. Maybe they were thankful, but just didn’t express it. Being “thankful” is different than actually giving thanks by saying “thank you”. Who knows why the other nine didn’t return? But what we do know is the specific grace of healing came their way even though Jesus didn’t receive gratitude from them. Jesus, knowing all things, healed them even though he probably knew that they wouldn’t return with gratitude.

Sunday April 25, 2021: The Other Son – Dr. David Anderson

This is the story of the prodigal son’s older brother in Luke 15:11-32

The point and attention of the passage is directed toward the younger son who was rebellious and recalcitrant. Yet, there is a large part of the story that we miss if we don’t see the grace and grit that the older brother needed as well in this familiar relationship. From the older brother’s perspective how are we to deal with our view of grace and righteousness from the perspective of those who are working hard to keep the rules?

Sunday May 2, 2021: The Other Conscience – Dr. David Anderson

In 1 Corinthians 10:23-11:1 Paul talks about the good of others in making personal decisions whether to eat meat based on the conscience of others. The point from the passage is to consider the freedoms and restrictions of others around you so that you don’t cause those who have less freedom to stumble, be tempted, or do something that would violate their conscience. What should mature Christians think about when considering matters from the conscience of others? When it comes to drinking, smoking, gambling, eating meat, pork, desserts or what to wear, what standards of modesty should be observed, or public displays of affection the list could go on with the way we consider the conscience of others in our daily behaviors. This message will highlight the difference between discretion, secrecy, and modesty.