What does it mean to “move on” after tragedy? How do you keep moving forward and leave your bitterness behind?

Suicide Prevention Lifeline – 800-273-8255

Our Care Ministry has resources and support for loss of loved ones, mental health, and more. Visit https://www.bridgeway.cc/support to connect with us.

Creative concept by Johnette N. Henderson
Testimonial by Theresa LaMotte
Recorded and edited by Alex Becker
Lighting by Matthew Baldwin

“Speak The Name”
Song written by Koryn Hawthorne
Song performed by Penny Greene and Tracey Coiro
Bridgeway musicians: Carmelo Rosa, James Clark, Jordan Coley, and William Roberts
Cameras by Anani Missiou, Erin Baum, Fred Najmy, Jeremiah Dammons, Theodore Gwathmey
Lighting design by Matthew Baldwin