Old Testament character study on the lessons we can learn from Jacob’s brother, Esau.

Sunday August 15, 2021: Hold On To Your Birthright – Dr. David Anderson

Esau surrendered his birthright to his brother Jacob because his hunger took over his mind. Our appetites have the ability to mess up our minds when making decisions. This sermon will challenge us to keep our appetites in check when contemplating critical decisions.

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Sunday August 22, 2021: Take Hold Of Your Blessing – Dr. David Anderson

Jacob stole his brother’s blessing from his father, Isaac, through deception. God saw Esau even though his own father couldn’t see him. What do you do when family betrays you and takes what is rightfully yours? Esau was still blessed, but not at the level of anointing he should have enjoyed. How do you live successfully when you have missed your shot, your standing or your opportunity for the success you had hoped for? This sermon will help those who are forced to live out their “Plan B”.


Sunday August 29, 2021: Let Go Of Your Bitterness – Dr. David Anderson

Esau was angry and bitter. Such bitterness and vengeance will eat you up from the inside out as it did with Esau. Instead of Esau focusing on the blessing that he did receive, he preoccupied his mind with Jacob who stole his blessing. Dr. Anderson helps us to see that often, if we are not careful, we will spend our lives fighting and focusing on what we’ve lost instead of using what we have left to live a meaningful life.


Sunday September 5, 2021: Fight For Your Breakthrough – Dr. David Anderson

Jacob wrestled an angel (or the man of God) to fight for his heavenly blessing beyond the human blessing he stole from his earthly father. I wonder if Jacob saw Esau in his fight. I wonder if the guilt about the blessing he stole haunted him as he kept seeing Esau in his mind’s eye? This time if Jacob is going to be blessed by God, he would have to get it earnestly and labor for his breakthrough. Jacob needed to shake off his sinful past and elevate to a new level of anointing. Dr. Anderson challenges us to fight for our breakthrough so that we can mature to a higher level of purpose.