There are five areas where believers can become mature and mighty in Christ as they grow up in the faith. In Ephesians 4:11 we learn that God has given the Church five-fold ministers (apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors & teachers) in order to equip believers towards maturity in five important areas of spiritual growth. These areas are: Function (how we operate), Faith (who & what we believe), Fullness (what we experience in Christ), Fortitude (how strong is our defense), and Fit (who we are connected to; our alignment with others).

Sunday September 19, 2021Mighty in Function – Dr. David Anderson

Fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ grow in their desire and availability to serve the Lord and His church with their gifts, abilities, and talents. Strengthening our skills and leveraging our abilities and resources to advance the kingdom of God is one of the marks of a mature and mighty believer.

Sunday September 26, 2021Mighty in Faith – Dr. David Anderson

Maturing believers not only know what they believe but they know why they believe it. Maturing believers have the ability to remain in unity with other believers who may have different views. As we mature in Christ we don’t have the need to argue over every doctrine of faith. Putting other believers down doesn’t bring unity, but creates dissension, division, and artificial spiritual hierarchies. Believers who are mature and mighty in Christ don’t have a need to bully other believers into their convictions. Instead, mature believers help those who are weaker in their faith become stronger by lifting them up, teaching them, speaking to them with respect, and loving them so that they can become stronger in the Lord over time.

Sunday October 3, 2021Mighty in Fullness – Dr. David Anderson

Jesus Christ came so that we could have abundant and fullness of life, according to John 10:10b. It is in Christ that we find ourselves most fulfilled. Beyond material possessions, popularity, and positions of status, a life that is full in Christ experiences meaning, purpose, and a sense of true fulfillment. In this sermon, Dr. Anderson will teach us that all we have in Christ is more than enough.

Sunday October 10, 2021Mighty in Fortitude – Dr. David Anderson

When we are young in the faith and spiritually immature it is easy for every wind of doctrine and new fad to make us flitter and flutter from book to book, idea to idea, church to church, and from one trend to the next, the newest, or the shiniest. Those who are mature and mighty in Christ have strong defenses against deceitful schemes, according to Epheisans 4:14, that seek to draw their affections away from Christ into beliefs, doctrines, and new age ideas that fade away, and may even cause some believers to fall away. Dr. Anderson will teach the basics of being rooted in Christ and growing in him as Colosians 2:6-8 commands.

Sunday October 17, 2021Mighty in Fit – Dr. David Anderson

No single Christian can grow up in God’s purposes on the earth all alone. While there are seasons where we may be alone as believers, God has designed the church to be an interdependent organism. We must rely, connect, and fellowship with others in order to become mature and mighty in Christ. Ephesians 4:15-16 calls us to join together as a unit like the human body. In this sermon, Dr. Anderson will teach the importance of alignment and connection in order for the body of Christ to be mature and mighty.