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Racism has divided our country and our world for generations. My heart has been broken over it. Maybe you’ve experienced it yourself, or you’ve ached as you saw the divide get bigger. Is “Gracism” the answer to racism?

My pastor and friend, Dr. David Anderson, planted Bridgeway Community Church 30 years ago – a multi-cultural church where people of 52 nations worship and do life together!

He is one of the leading voices in the world on the topic of racism and reconciliation, and he has created a word that is more of a solution than I’ve heard anywhere: Gracism.

Within our conversation of this week’s episode of Your Day Brighter®, you’ll hear Dr. Anderson share his personal story of growing up in Prince George’s County, Maryland, the experience of seeing a burning cross on his front lawn, and a mother who put honoring Jesus above revenge or bitterness. From Dr. Anderson’s own history, God birthed in him a passion to help us find common ground, racial reconciliation, and healing.

– Tracey Tiernan Coiro

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