Jesus Christ came so that we could have abundant and fullness of life. It is in Christ that we find ourselves most fulfilled. Beyond material possessions, popularity, and positions of status, a life that is full in Christ experiences meaning, purpose, and a sense of true fulfillment. All that we have in Christ is more than enough.

Dedicated to my friend Elizabeth and everyone else watching, never forget who you are. You are already loved.

Jireh by Elevation Worship & Maverick City
Poem written and performed by Dante Sheppard
Vocals by Shauna Henson & Calvin Little Jr.
Guitar by Carmelo Rosa
Cajon by Luis Reyes Agosto
Cameras by Erin Baum, Alex Becker, Tori Farnsworth, & Theodore Gwathmey
Engineering and mixing by Derwent Williamson
Video edited by Alex Becker
Set and wardrobe design by Tori Farnsworth
Musical arrangement by Ronald Greene

Special thank you to Rick & Elaine Little!