Sunday November 7, 2021: Love – Will Eastham

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In this message, Will Eastham will help us to understand how the power of love can connect with the now/next generation. He will teach us what true love looks like and how we can communicate it in a Christ-like manner in today’s culture.

Sunday November 14, 2021: Leverage – Ant Patton

Anthony Patton will bring God’s word to encourage young people in the now/next generation to leverage what they have now to impact the world for Christ. Instead of waiting until young adults achieve success, he will teach us that success is found in what we leverage for Christ right now.

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Sunday November 21, 2021: Leadership – Cody Michener

Leadership from a young person’s perspective can happen at an early age. Cody Michener will teach us how leadership is “influence” and his teaching will inspire every man, woman, boy and girl to lead where they are as followers of Christ.

Sunday November 28, 2021: Listening – Rachel Taylor

Rachel will teach us about the power of listening to God and to one another to build powerful relationships in today’s generation. As a teacher who finds herself between the older generation of parents/grandparents and the younger generation of young adults, teenagers and children, she will share with us how “listening up” to the older generation and “listening down” to the younger generation can help us listen to God today.

Sunday December 5, 2021: Legacy – Kevin Turpin II

The power of legacy carries our faith from generation to generation. Kevin Turpin is a fine example of one who is carrying on the legacy of his parents and grandparents to make an impact for Christ in today’s generation through the generosity of love and tangible kingdom building. In this message, Kevin will inspire us all to use what we have to honor God with all that we have so that we can be what he calls “Kingdom First Responders”.