Hello, my name is Michael Curtis and I want to share with you a quick concentrated story of who I am and how I got here to be a part of Bridgeway and serving alongside Pastor Jared in the missions ministry. Four years ago, I was living a “so-called” great life, making great money in a great career as a federal contractor doing cybersecurity. One day after a 35-year relentless pursuit from the Lord, He brought me to a place of humbly and intentionally surrendering my heart to Him, and He didn’t let go. As a result, I found myself drawn to a brand-new purpose, a paradigm shift in my mind and perspective, and newfound compassionate care for people and life.

Over the next two years, I walked hand in hand with the Lord as He began to develop and establish my identity, my purpose, and my future destiny in Christ. He began to teach me how to walk with Him, how to trust in Him, and how to be in an effective and valuable relationship with Him. Soon, I was beginning to see the next steps of my life and the places He wanted to take me spiritually and geographically. I went from presenting anti-bullying programs to students at elementary, middle, and high schools across the country, to living at a residential home in Vermont, mentoring at-risk teens in Christ. Now I found myself following the Lord, but this time it was to be a conduit of God’s goodness while serving in missions.

I have a passion to be a beacon of light and hope to empower people in Christ, both youth and adults, and my hope is to represent the heart of God here at Bridgeway Community Church. As a byproduct, I am thankful to be part of the church body that fans the flame for Bridgeway to continue to steward as a lighthouse for the surrounding communities.