BE ENCOURAGED is a sermon series of biblical messages on encouragement within our relationships during a season of pandemic pain and feelings of depression. In this series, Dr. Anderson will teach us how to continue to grow toward becoming mature & mighty in Christ by learning how to cope, find hope, and be an encouragement to ourselves and others during hard times.

Sunday March 6, 2022: How to Be Your Own CEO – Dr. David Anderson

The art of biblical self-encouragement is something to pay attention to in a day of so much discouragement, hard news, loss, and a lack of available mental health care. This sermon will teach you how to tend to your own mental health.

Sunday March 13, 2022: How to Fight Against Discouragement – Dr. David Anderson

Beyond encouraging oneself, sometimes multiple things can overwhelm you at the same time. The enemy is a pro at dishing out discouragement. This message will give you tools, techniques, and weapons of hope to fight against discouragement.

Sunday March 20, 2022: How to Be an Encouraging Person – Dr. David Anderson

–With your Words
–With your Works
–With your Wisdom
–With your Wealth

Sunday March 27, 2022: How to Be Real Without Being Ruthless – Dr. David Anderson

This message will give us lessons about proper exhortation, correction, and conflict. Are we always to tell the truth? When is it best to hold back from telling everything? This sermon will help us discern how to be real. We don’t have to be truthless but we also don’t have to be ruthless.