THRESHOLD is a sermon series about navigating the decisions of life through the analogy of doors. While discerning what decisions to make and what transitions to take, Dr. Anderson visits the concept of doors in the scriptures to help us make important choices at significant crossroads in our lives.

Doors are entry and exit portals that we use every day to navigate different spaces. We cross thresholds from one space to another as we proceed through life. Doors are the mechanisms through which we pass in order to get from one space to the next. Whether bedroom or bathroom doors, house or car doors, elevator doors or office doors, we all have access to and through doors as we move through life. Have you ever thought about the number of doors you have gone through since you have awakened today? Probably more than you realized. While physical doors become entry, exit, and access points into and between spaces, what about spiritual portals of access?

This series in May 2022 from Dr. David Anderson will help us navigate decisions in our lives and areas where greater discernment is needed so that we can experience access, abundance, deliverance, and divine protection in our lives.

May 1st – The Only Door

This is about the door of salvation into heaven through Jesus Christ.
Jesus said, “I am the door” or “I am the gate” in John 10. He didn’t say that “I am A door” but “I am THE door,” so there is no other way to come into God’s relational presence except through the door of Christ. Theologically, it is God’s sovereign choice as to how He will deal with those who have not trusted Jesus by faith or those who haven’t heard the gospel, but you have! Decide today.

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May 8th – The Open Door

This message is talking about the free will that we all have to open the door of our heart to Jesus. Jesus said in Revelation 3:20, “I stand at the door and knock, if anyone opens the door and lets me in I will come in and sup with him and he with me.” Not only do we have the power to open the door to Jesus to come into our lives, but we have the privilege of praying for God to open the doors of other people’s hearts so that they would experience the same type of fellowship.

May 15th – The Shut Door

Revelation 3:7 teaches that God can open doors that no man can shut and shut doors that no man can open. This Has to do with opportunities and protection. Warning: every open door is not a good door to walk though. It takes discernment and prayer to know what doors to walk through and what doors to shut! Some doors need to be shut and locked! Don’t even give the devil a foothold; not even a toe hold. There are some things you cannot let into your life, your home, your heart, and your mind. Abundant life, safety and protection is behind the door. We must realize that a shut door is not always a bad thing. If one door shuts, another one will open. God shuts some doors to protect us.

May 22nd – The Covered Door

This is the story of the doors of the Passover in Exodus 12 where God directed the people of Israel to put the blood of the lamb on the top and sides of the door frames of their homes and to stay inside under the covering of the blood during the plague of the firstborns in Egypt. Getting behind the right door is important. What comes into our lives can be stopped by who is covering our doors. Like heavenly “bouncers” outside a nightclub, the blood of Christ can legally rebuff any force that seeks to enter your life.

May 29th – The Kingdom Doors

Jesus told the disciples in Matthew 16:19 that they would be given the keys to the kingdom. Whatever kingdom business they had, the keys to the kingdom gave them authority in the name of Jesus to advance forward. The gates of hell, the locked doors that the enemy has placed around people, places, and things, can be accessed by believers because of the authority invested in them. Keys signify authority. Believers must hold onto the fact that they can activate their authority by walking by faith and not by sight. Practically speaking, what locked areas has God given you authority over that we must now access by activating our faith?