30 years.
Over 10,000 days. 
30 Christmases.
30 Easters.
30 challenges.
30 pounds or more lost.
30 hours or more of prayer.
30 hours of volunteer work.
30 verses memorized.
30 hours of family time.

30 opportunities to impact our community, our culture, and our world for Jesus Christ.

It’s been an amazing year, Bridgeway. Truly, it’s been an amazing 30 years. The prayers, hard work, and dedication that you’ve shown is what got us this far. Your prayers, hard work, and dedication will get us through to the next 30 years, too.

Today capped off our ministry year. It was a chance to celebrate all that God has done through us and for us as a church as well as an opportunity to celebrate our beloved Pastor Dan’s retirement as he embarks on the next chapter of his life as a Partner at Bridgeway.

Don’t let these 30 Year Anniversary Challenges end today just because our ministry year has ended. Keep losing the weight if you need to; I will! Keep discarding clothes and other things you don’t need. Keep praying. Keep witnessing. Keep reading your Bible. These challenges were meant to become healthy habits that will propel you into a mature and mighty future.

While I’m away this summer recharging and visioning for our future, I’ll also be regrouping and thinking about the ministry year ahead. I encourage you, in fact I exhort you, to spend time in the Word of God, spend time with the people of God, and spend time talking to God. Do not forsake gathering together; our summer sermon series is going to be FANTASTIC, and our clergy are excited to bring you a word from God!


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