The title of this blog is a statement I would say I disagree with. I would like to think that I believe that who you are is more important than what you do. But most of the time, how I live my life and what I give my time to would make you believe that I think “doing” is more important than “being”. Especially in our fast-paced and hectic culture, we give awards and accolades to those who can get the most done in the shortest amount of time. We look up to people who are hyper-productive and can somehow live off of 4 hours of sleep. But I think “What you do is more important than who you are” is a gross lie that Satan so badly wants us to believe.

When I came on staff at Bridgeway in August 2018, I was entering into the most “sinless” season of my life (lol). I was on fire for the Lord as I entered into vocational ministry. I was finally getting compensated to serve the Lord and commit 40 hours a week to His church and His people. “This is such a blessing” to be able to do so much to serve God and serve people (is what I thought at the time). After about 6 months I was exhausted. I was working crazy hours, not eating well, and getting sick all the time from pushing my body to its limits. But I had committed my life to “doing” for God! Why did it feel so bad? I had subconsciously bought into the lie that what I did for God was more important than BEING with God. It didn’t take long before I was engaged in more activity FOR God than my being WITH God could sustain.

A Chinese bamboo tree grows its roots underground and needs to be tended to for 5 years BEFORE it grows above the ground. After those 5 years, it can spring and grow up to 90 feet in just 5 weeks. That is because so much time, energy, and resources were put into the foundation. Many of us want to grow that 90 feet in 5 weeks but we skip the part of watering and growing our roots for 5 years.

Picture this: when we spend time with God we are getting these deposits into our bank account. He is caring for our emotional health, He is replenishing our reserves, He is satisfying our longings, and comforting our souls. When we do things FOR God (it’s a really good thing, but..) it is taking money out of our account. Everything we do is costing time and energy. Many of us are over-drafting our bank accounts. I’ve spent most of my life over-drafting my spiritual bank account. I need to spend more time being WITH God and less time doing FOR God. I need to work less and pray that He works more. I need to abide in Him so He can put money in my account. As a result, I won’t be running around like a crazy person who is behind on deadlines and fulfilling commitments that I never even asked God if I should be doing! Have you ever paid over-draft fees? Well, when your spiritual bank account gets over-drafted it can lead to depression, anxiety, lack of purpose, always being behind schedule, and just a general lack of peace. I need to rest more by committing to things that bring peace to my soul and ultimately draw me closer to our creator.

And you probably do too…

What you do matters, to a point, but who you are is more important than what you do because the love of Jesus in you is the greatest gift you have to give to others. Who you are as a person – and specifically how well you love – will always have a larger and longer impact on those around you than what you do. Your being WITH God (or lack thereof) will eventually trump your doing for God every time.

You should make the first priority and goal in your life to seek His face and seek to do His will each day.