Dr. David Anderson is back! Welcome to our Old Testament Character study. Every August, Dr. Anderson picks someone from the old testament and focuses sermons into a 4-week study on what we can learn from this story.

August 14th – A Real Stand Up Guy

Meet Boaz, or Bo! He was a stand up guy. He stood up everyday to work. He stood up to lead. He stood up as a man of character and integrity. Boaz was in good standing in his community and demonstrates what manhood is without slipping into toxic masculinity. Maleness does not have to be equivalent to meanness, muchasimo, and male domination over women or even over other men. There is a strength within masculinity that does stand tall and should be encouraged. Strength of protection, provision, and covering headship. But this shouldn’t be confused with meanness and domination over others. Meet this real stand-up guy, Bo!

August 21st – Mama’s Boy

Boaz married Ruth who was the opposite of his mother, Rahab, so far as her pedigree was concerned. His mother, Rahab, was a harlot. But his wife, Ruth, was a righteous, faithful, and well-mannered woman. God brought her a quality husband, Boaz. He was noble, wealthy, and available.

August 28th – From Harlot to Hero

Boaz’ mother was Rahab. What effect do you think Rahab had on Boaz as she raised him. God turned Rahab around and changed the narrative about her. Some knew her as a harlot; a woman of the streets. But God changed her narrative. God can change your narrative too. What you were does not determine who you will become. What you did does not determine who you are. Your past doesn’t define your future.

September 4th – Bo Ties

Boaz ties the knot with Ruth when he lays eyes on her in the field. He was known as a kinsman redeemer. God is our redeemer. Romantically speaking, how do men find the right woman for us? How do ladies “get found” by the right man? In this sermon, Dr. Anderson will talk about romance and redemption on a human level and on a spiritual level.