Hello, Bridgeway! 

It’s the start of a new ministry year and I am excited and looking forward to what God will do through Bridgeway Community Church. Last year’s ministry theme, “Mature & Mighty in Christ,” was amazing as we saw the Holy Spirit grow and deepen the faith of believers. 

This year’s ministry theme is “Make it Better.” As I spent time away this summer thinking about the upcoming ministry year, I considered how our world is in need of healing. “Make it Better” is a call to action for believers to consider these three things: 

(1) What is the “it” in my life I want to make better? 

(2) What can I do to make the lives of others better? 

(3) What can I do to make our world better? 

I challenge you to set aside time and consider what and how you can make it better.

Remember, whatever that thing is you want to make better, it’s not through your own strength but through God. Psalms 118:8 reads, “It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man.” This requires you to be God-centered and have confidence in Him and full dependence on Him and His provision. 

You may be asking, how do I do that? 

There are several ways you can cultivate a God-centered life including, 

(1) Meditate daily and sit quietly before the Lord to settle your heart & mind in prayer. 

(2) Spend time connecting with brothers and sisters in Christ who are committed to making it better.

(3) Serve others with a “Make it Better” attitude.

I just finished a four-week character study titled, “Yo, I’m Bo” about the life of Boaz. Go to our YouTube channel and watch the series again or share it with friends and loved ones. I pray this series has blessed you. 

Beginning next week, I am starting a new, six-week sermon series titled, “Living a Make it Better Life.” I cannot wait to see how the Holy Spirit will use this series and upcoming ministry year to encourage us, challenge us, grow us, and move us forward as a church community. I’m praying for you, Bridgeway, that you Make It Better, and I ask that you pray for me and my family as well as the employees and clergy at Bridgeway.

Wishing God’s best for you!

Dr. David Anderson

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