Healing deep divides is at the heart of the Christmas season! Jesus’ life was marked by his empathetic presence and compassionate action which have been essential to his mission to bring healing to this world. Through His example, and the presence of that same Spirit in us, we are able to be healing agents in this world as well.

December 11th: Healing Together  Pastor David Heiliger

When I empathize with others who are in pain, I am sharing in their suffering by caring about how they feel. This means I will walk with you through your pain. I will listen, learn, experience, and imagine the hurt that you must be feeling. I am willing to walk with you on the path of healing and sharing your burdens. If I can feel with you, then I can heal with you.

December 18th: The God Who Heals With Us– Will Eastham

How do you say “I will heal with you” when you need healing yourself? “Do not be afraid.” Sometimes our fear can feel louder than our calling, but the God that knows no fear calls us to something beyond what we can imagine. Come hear from Will Eastham as he shows us where we can find healing in the midst of the unknown. It’s in the uncomfortable situations when surrender and put our trust in “The God Who Heals With Us.”