January 8th: Goodbye to Yesterday

New year, new you…right? Every year we get ready for the new things we are going to do to make ourselves better, but what about what God will do to make you better? Are you open to receiving the new that He has for you? Come hear from Dr. David Anderson as he starts a new series and teaches on saying goodbye for good to the old things that God is calling us to leave behind.

January 15th: Hello to New Mercies

Biblically speaking, the word of God seldom tells us to stop doing something without also telling us to start doing something else. Every morning, wake up and embrace the new mercies of God and take the chance to start something new! Come hear Dr. David Anderson share on how to say “Hello to New Mercies.”

January 22nd: I’m Just Getting Started

What decade do you think is the best decade of your life? Today Dr. David Anderson is teaching that we are eternal beings caught up in physical bodies. Despite our earthly age, we can proudly proclaim that we are young and being renewed daily!