Laughter gives us a sweet escape from the countless painful realities many of us face each day. It almost feels “not right” to find amusement and humor when all around us we see our family and friends facing trauma and grief – not to mention the seemingly endless tragedies befalling our nation and those around the world. But laughter is so necessary so that we do not lose sight of the fact that all is not bad. Humor and amusement ease our mental load, stimulate our organs, and soothe tension according to the Mayo Clinic. Laughter plays a real part in keeping our minds and bodies healthy! Isn’t it amazing that God designed us that way? He knew that we would need a sweet escape that would carry us away from life’s heaviness, albeit momentarily, to rejuvenate us and equip us to re-engage with the cares of each day. Scripture teaches us that there is a time to laugh (Eccl 3:4) and Luke 6:21b says, “Blessed are you who weep now, for you will laugh.” Laughter is a gift from God, and we should never deny ourselves a full-bodied, side-splitting, tear-streaming, “I can’t breathe… stop before I pee my pants!!” laughing episode!! It’s therapeutic. For those of you who already practice this – LAUGH ON.

My family is intentional about getting together each week and watching a sitcom or movie that makes us laugh. We laugh together. We laugh out loud, smiling at each other while mimicking what we just heard and saw, causing even more laughter until we are bent over in tears! And it feels good! The bonus to these sweet escape moments is that we grow closer together and we look forward to getting together. We learn about each other’s personalities, and we have a good time being silly. 

Laughter is also a vital part of a healthy relationship. My husband and I have made a commitment that every three months we take a short getaway where we disconnect from all types of social media and technology and focus on each other, engaging in things that make us smile, that makes us happy, that make us laugh.  I love seeing the twinkle in his eyes as he leans back laughing uncontrollably at something we recalled from our earlier days in marriage. Spending this time with each other re-ignites our passion for one another and deepens our friendship…a sweet escape. 

So, find ways to bring more laughter to your life. Just don’t make the same mistake I made by going overboard and laughing at people. Boy, this was not a good season for my family and friends. No one was off limits. I laughed at and poked fun at everyone: my husband and kids, my momma and siblings, my nieces and nephews, and my friends. If you slipped up and had an accident in front of me (nonlife-threatening, of course), I would laugh SO hard. Then I would recount the incident like a sports commentator for the folk who missed it, egging them on to laugh at you as well. I thought I was quite the comedian. I am ashamed to say that this went on for some time until I received a reality check. 

Some of the above-mentioned went biblically rogue on me and organized a stoning! They did not confront me with actual stones (thank God), but they did gather to hurl some much-deserved word-rocks at me that straightened me out. They told me that I was acting like a bully, that I was mean. They said that I was being insensitive and hurtful. And then they landed the crushing blow by telling me that I was not funny! Ok, I get that I was being mean, and a bully, and I understand that my actions hurt them, but me, not funny? Come On!! 

In all seriousness, I needed that reality check and praised God that my family and friends gave me space to sincerely apologize. It wasn’t that they couldn’t take a little teasing. It was that I was relentless in trying to be a comedian, forcing that next laugh at their expense. I am thankful for my family and friends because they extended to me grace and forgiveness, and now, we laugh together. 


Princess and her husband Phillip are the ministry leaders of Ignite Marriage Ministry. They provide a time to talk, learn and grow through connecting with other couples, fun engaging activities, biblical teaching, ongoing accountability, and discipleship. Ignite is a safe place for couples who are married, engaged, or considering marriage to experience healing, reconciliation, restoration, and hope as they discover God’s design for marriage.


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