Join Dr. Jared Sorber as he explores the narrative of Gideon from Judges 6:11-7:25. Dr. Sorber delves into the relatable aspects of Gideon’s life, shedding light on his doubts, fears, and the ways in which God worked through his seemingly ordinary existence. Discover enduring principles such as the assurance that God can find you wherever you are and the empowering truth that God’s view of you is greater than your own.

Join the conversation as Dr. Jared Sorber unfolds Gideon’s story, illustrating that God’s plans often diverge from human expectations. Through relatable anecdotes and profound biblical insights, you’ll be inspired to overcome doubts, embrace risks in obedience, and grasp the reassuring truth that God is not done with you yet. This exploration serves as an invitation to glean wisdom from the life of Gideon, propelling you into a deeper understanding of your own unique journey of faith.