Join us as Minister Lisa Bryson explores the struggle to find our identity and place in the world amidst conflicting perceptions of self, societal expectations, and God’s understanding of who we are. Minister Lisa shares personal experiences of searching for answers and facing inner conflicts while she reminds us that true value lies not in the external vessel (the clay jar) but in the hidden treasure within — the divine presence of God within each of us.

Minister Lisa emphasizes that life is not about personal accomplishments or comparisons to societal standards but about acknowledging the presence of Christ within. Referencing Paul’s focus on Christ in his teachings, Minister Lisa reminds us of the importance of understanding that our testimony is not about personal strength but about the power of Christ.

The ultimate message is a call to shift focus from self to the hidden treasure within — Jesus Christ. By recognizing and relying on His divine presence, we can find strength, purpose, and hope in the face of life’s challenges. As believers, we are encouraged to share our faith and let the treasure within shine, ultimately bringing glory to God and making a lasting impact on the world.

Let’s worship together and sing to the Lord who is holy forever as we discover keys to renewed strength and purpose through Biblical insights, embracing the beauty of every season. If you’re on a quest for spiritual encouragement and a community that cares, then this is the Sunday church service for you! Let’s embark on this journey together – life’s seasons are better when experienced with faith, community, and love.

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