“Stop fidgeting” was the word from my Mom.

My long-running friend from college suggested that I “settle down.”

Both voices were urging me to value the moment. Instead, I was in a hurry for the next thing. In my pursuit of the moment to come, I often passed through the moment I was in without fully experiencing it.

My fidgeting was a life pattern of rushing past real rest.  

To be clear, I know that rest and sleep are different. Once, while I worked three jobs simultaneously, I learned the value of sleep. I was working to make sure our three sons could stay in private school. Even though I was sure that God would take care of things, I felt the need to do my part. Whatever the accuracy of that theology, I eventually learned to value leisure and sleep. However, I was still fidgeting spiritually: “Yes, God; but…”

To those of us who are restless and giving God the “Yes, but,” He speaks through His Word. During our annual One Word discipline that we do in Bridgeway Men’s Fraternity, God highlighted the word REST for me. Of course, His timing is perfect.  I am now in a space custom-made to help me learn the value of rest just as I learned the value of sleep. God very clearly emphasizes that my willingness and ability to rest in Him is the way to actually get more done.

So, I needed to prioritize. Hebrews 4 jumped out at me when I recently read it.

“For this good news—that God has prepared this rest—has been announced to us just as it was to them. But it did them no good because they didn’t share the faith of those who listened to God. For only we who believe can enter His rest” – Hebrews 4:2

God gives rest to His people who consistently believe, rest that the Israelites missed out on because they sold God short. They fidgeted about food when God delivered them miraculously from Egypt and Pharaoh.  They fidgeted about water in the wilderness.  They fidgeted about Moses being gone so long (while meeting with God, no less) and made idols to worship. Even with God’s miraculous assurances, the Israelites could not settle down. 

I can relate.

I’ve missed out on divinely provided rest every time I “skipped ahead to the good part” when I got… whatever. Without much thought, you can see that even the phrase “skip to the good part” is rushing, not resting.

So I settle on this:

Isaiah 26:3 reminds me that “perfect and constant peace” comes to me as I set my mind steadfastly on the Lord, trusting and taking refuge in Him. The rest that comes is worth whatever it takes to get this right.

What are you fidgeting about, anxious about, unrelentingly pursuing at the expense of rest and peace that Jesus offers? If you realize that you can’t settle down without a little help, come back home to Bridgeway and reach out to our CARE Ministry. Ministry volunteers are waiting to help you find rest.

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