BridgeKids Volunteer Application

“It’s Sunday morning. Do I go to church or do I sleep in? Who am I kidding? There’s no sleeping in. I can already hear the kids are awake. If I’m going to be up, we might as well go to church. I don’t know how my parents got us all up and out on Sundays as kids. It’s worth it, I know… but… maybe just this one Sunday we take a break.

No. You know what? We’re going! We’re going to get the kids ready. Clothes and shoes on. We can make it just in time and still hear some worship songs. I just hope BridgeKids is open…”

This could be any family. This could be any Sunday morning. This could be at any church. But it’s our church. And the question is asked on too many Sundays: Will Bridgekids be open? Too many families do all it takes to get out the door on a weekend morning only to arrive and find out Bridgekids can’t accommodate them. So what can we do?

In the heart of our church community is BridgeKids, Bridgeway’s children’s ministry where children in grades K-5 build a personal relationship with Jesus. As we witness the remarkable growth of BridgeKids, we face a challenge – the pressing need for dedicated volunteers. 

Today we extend an open invitation to you to join us in the fulfilling adventure of transforming lives through BridgeKids at both our Columbia, MD, and Owings Mills/Reisterstown, MD campuses.

Our Mission and Vision: Building a Multicultural Generation of Young Believers

At the core of BridgeKids is our mission: 

To equip children to build a personal relationship with Jesus while collaborating with parents to nurture their spiritual development. 

Our vision is clear: 

Cultivating a multicultural generation of young believers who worship God, embrace His Word, and share their faith with unity and love.

Reflecting on our journey, we’re humbled and inspired by the 100+ kids who gather weekly, seeking guidance, friendship, and spiritual nourishment. Yet, this surge of enthusiasm presents us with a beautiful challenge – the need for more helping hands. We find ourselves reluctantly turning away families (23 last week and 15 this week), not for lack of love or desire or physical space but due to a shortage of volunteers.

The Heart of BridgeKids: A Sanctuary for Love, Learning, and Worship

BridgeKids is more than Sunday morning childcare; it’s a place where young hearts are molded, laying the foundation for lifelong faith. Joining BridgeKids means that you become a model for these children, guiding them as they explore faith, build relationships, and deepen their understanding of God’s love.

As a BridgeKids volunteer, you’ll shape the spiritual journey of these incredible K-5th graders. Whether you have a background in teaching, storytelling, music, or simply a heart filled with love and compassion, there’s a place for you in our BridgeKids family. You can contribute in many different areas – it’s not just a place for people with teaching experience!

  • Welcome Team: Set the tone for a positive and inclusive environment by being the warm and friendly face that greets families.
  • Classroom Teaching: Share your passion for teaching and faith by becoming a vital part of our classroom experience.
  • Classroom Set-up or Teardown: Ensure a seamless and enjoyable learning experience by creating a physically inviting space.
  • Tech Team: Enhance our learning environment with your technical expertise, managing audiovisual elements or assisting with online resources.
  • Creative Arts: Unleash your creativity to inspire young minds through storytelling, music, and artistic expression.

Why We Need You: A Call to Grow Together

Our church family is a multicultural and multigenerational tapestry of God’s kingdom. As BridgeKids thrives, we recognize that our church’s growth is tied to the success of our children’s ministry. Joining the BridgeKids team means investing not only in the spiritual development of our young ones, but also in the growth and prosperity of our entire church!

As you invest in the lives of these young believers, you become part of a powerful force shaping the future of our community, fostering unity, love, and a deep sense of belonging.

How to Get Involved: 

Understanding life’s busyness, we value your time. Whether you commit to a weekly session or contribute skills on a project basis, every bit counts:

  1. Join Us for a Volunteer Orientation: Learn about BridgeKids, our mission, and various available roles. Connect with like-minded individuals passionate about nurturing young faith.
  2. Share Your Talents: Whether storytelling, music, art, or teaching, BridgeKids welcomes your unique gifts. Let us know how you can contribute, and we’ll find the perfect place for you.
  3. Spread the Word: If you can’t volunteer now, support BridgeKids by sharing this invitation with friends, family, and neighbors interested in making a difference in young lives.

Join Us on this Incredible Journey

The BridgeKids team is more than volunteers; we are a family united by a common purpose – to witness the transformative power of God’s love in the hearts of our children. Join us on this incredible journey, and let’s grow together, creating a multicultural generation of young believers who worship God, embrace His Word, and share their faith with unity and love.

To learn more about volunteering with BridgeKids, email or fill out the Volunteer Application here.

Thank you for considering this heartfelt invitation. Together, let’s honor the efforts of every family who comes to our church with young children on Sunday morning. Let’s build bridges that connect hearts, nurture faith, and create a legacy of love for generations to come.

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