Sermon Series from Dr. David Anderson

The bible teaches us that a faithful life to God will be rewarded. We cannot live this life alone. In community, and with humility, we can make it to the end of our race. God promises to reward us as we cross the finish line of faith.

The Crown of Life

Perseverance – Jesus Christ was given a crown of thorns in his death so we could wear a crown of life because of his resurrection.

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Join us as Dr. David Anderson kicks off a new sermon series entitled “Crowns Over Frowns” where we learn about the rewards promised to us in our heavenly home. In his sermon “The Crown of Life,” Dr. David Anderson will discuss the trials that we all face on our journeys and how those who persevere in faith will receive the “crown of life” as a divine reward.

The Crown of Righteousness
The Crown of Righteousness

May 26th

Endurance – God is your strength and your support, as Paul learned. Paul was making it right at the end of his life – a good example for us all.

The Crown of Glory
The Crown of Glory

June 2nd

Mutuality – Elders are to be examples of care, humility, and godliness. The younger ones are to submit, serve, and learn.

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