Next Steps

Grow towards God

Take the Next Step of Your Journey

Not only is Bridgeway diverse, but it's home to people at every stage of the spiritual journey spectrum!  The one thing that's consistent, though, is our desire that no matter where one finds oneself on that journey, everyone grows towards God.  It's so important, in fact, that growth is one of Bridgeway's Core Values.  We want to help you take the next step of your spiritual journey!

Know God

The very first step in a growing a relationship with God, is to know Him.


Baptism is a public display of the inward decision made to follow Jesus.  Consider participating in Baptism, to identify with Christ in His death, burial, and resurrection.

Get Connected With Others

Groups exist to connect people to ministry and to others, by facilitating group- and ministry-wide communication and community building. Join one today to help you learn about various ways you can connect with Bridgeway and with others.


Help us achieve the vision to which God has called us! Learn more about partnership here.

Adult Christian Education

Whether through Wednesday Night Alive classes or one of Bridgeway's signature seminars, we provide resources for you to grow in your knowledge of God.  Our seminars, offered multiple times per year, include:

  • S.H.A.P.E. Seminar
  • Following Jesus: Beginning Your Journey
  • Walk Through the Old Testament
  • Learn to Share Your Faith

Life Groups

Life Groups are small groups that allow a more personal experience with other Bridgeway attendees, and help develop growth through accountability, expression, and group study.

Connect with a Ministry

Get involved with a ministry that matches your age or stage in life or fulfills a serving interest or passion. Find out more about volunteering here, or in the Columbia Campus lobby on Sundays.

Coming to Bridgeway gives me hope, that the world can change for the better. Not only that, but Dr. David Anderson and the congregation have a way of engaging the congregation like no other.- d. Joyce
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