At Bridgeway, we believe it’s our duty to give our absolute best in the workplace. It’s in the excellence of our work that we believe we honor God. Everything we do as a staff is meant to serve others in a Christlike way.

While we work really hard to equip our leaders with everything they need to serve their ministry teams, we enjoy the journey together even more. It’s not just about the ministry; it’s also about the ministers. We value relationships, work-family balance, diversity, and the unique gifts each member contributes to the overall vision.

Common Purpose

At Bridgeway, we strive to promote values we believe are essential to success. Strong leadership is critical in order to provide role models and ensure we stay on track. Creativity drives our work force and allows us to explore and discover new things every day. Diversity brings a wide range of ideas, opinions, and knowledge that allows us to work together successfully. As bridge builders, we unite the community together and create a safe community where everyone is welcome to share their experiences and listen to others.


Working at Bridgeway isn’t just a job -- it’s belonging to a team that seeks to ensure every staff member lives up to his/her God-given potential not just in the workplace, but also in life. Our staff members are built into with leadership development, continual spiritual growth, and skills training.  Supplementing a comprehensive medical benefits package, these tools enable employees to focus on ministry while growing themselves at the same time.

Job Openings

Interested in joining the Bridgeway staff?  Start by having a look at our current employment openings.

Employment Qualifications

As an Employee of the Church, Employee must understand that s/he is a part of a Christian Church and that his/her employment is a God-ordained vocation.  In this regard, Employee must fully support and live consistently and in accordance with any Statement of Faith and Christian standards of living as may be set forth in the Church’s Employee Handbook or bylaws, by such directives as may be issued from Church leadership, and most importantly by biblical standards.
I was so tired of the "religious rituals" in church: watching people proclaim being a Christian, but not being Christ-like. I prayed & searched for a church without the EXTRA and truly multicultural. I was glad when I found it here.- Mavis S.
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