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We’re on a mission! And we’re looking to take others with us on the journey. What we’ve found over the years is that membership doesn’t really describe the relationship we’re seeking. We’re looking for partners, who can join in and pitch into our quest to reach the goals God has set for us.


About 20% of those who call Bridgeway home have become Partners. We encourage such a step of commitment, which is confirmation of alignment of mission, vision, and values. Partnership is much like a covenant – in which there are mutual commitments. These commitments set us up for shared ownership over our mission to reach people for Christ! Partnership is a prerequisite to leading or teaching at Bridgeway.


Start by attending BCC 101, an introductory class to explore all things Bridgeway. From there, you’ll dive in a little deeper with a few more classes, participate in Baptism (if you haven’t already done so), and receive an interview by our Partnership Team. We want it to be simple for you to get started in taking our mission forward!  Throughout your partnership process, you'll have access to a Partnership group on The City, and a Guide to help you along the way.

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I was so tired of the "religious rituals" in church: watching people proclaim being a Christian, but not being Christ-like. I prayed & searched for a church without the EXTRA and truly multicultural. I was glad when I found it here.- Mavis S.
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