2018 Summer Series

Join us this summer!

Recharge over the summer with Bridgeway Ministers and Pastors, joining us for two series intended to quench your spiritual thirst!

Summer School

School is in session! Learn from our cast of Bridgeway Ministers and Pastors, as we dig into God's Word to learn how to get an 'A' in life, based on the beatitudes from Jesus' prolific Sermon on the Mount, as recorded in Matthew 5.

You can review past services on our Facebook page.

Old Testament Character Study

Dr. Anderson will be back from his summer sabbatical on August 12, 2018 with a series about a person from the Old Testament. Stay tuned to this page to learn who, and join us for our last services before our new ministry year kicks off the second Sunday in September!

I love coming to Bridgeway; it's a smaller reflection of how I'd like the world to be: diverse, unconditional, and accepting. - d. Joyce
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