I Am Summer Series

Speaker Lineup

June 23: I AM the Bread of Life (Jn 6:35, 41)
COL - Minister David Heiliger
OMR - Pastor Steve Hardnett

June 30: I AM the Light of the World (Jn 8:12)
COL - Pastor Gary Coiro
OMR - Pastor Dave Michener

July 7: I AM the Gate (Jn 10:7, 9)
BOTH - Pastor Dan Taylor

July 14: I AM the Good Shepherd (Jn 10:11, 14)
BOTH - Pastor Dan Taylor

July 21: I AM the Resurrection and the Life (Jn 11:25)
BOTH - Minister Sandy Pope

July 28: I AM the Way, the Truth, and the Life (Jn 14:6)
COL - Minister Sandy Pope
OMR - Minister Ronald Greene

August 4: I AM the Vine (Jn 15:5)
COL - Pastor Dave Michener
OMR - Pastor Angel Cartagena


Growing up in megachurches, I have never experienced a pastor like Pastor Anderson. His teachings and leadership are beyond anything that I've experienced before.- Ian
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