Using our unique gifts to serve others.


Volunteers are a vital part of Bridgeway Community Church and our community. We seek to tap into individuals' strengths and skills by assigning people roles that will maximize their talents. It helps ministries operate, yes, but serving, one of Bridgeway's Core Values, is also at the heart of God's desire for us – that we'd be generous with our time, talents, passions, interests, energy, etc.! Basically, everything we do, we do it as if we were serving a Living God! So why not learn about how you can volunteer today?

Volunteer Connections

Volunteering is so important, in fact, that we have a ministry team devoted to serving volunteers and their leaders, called Volunteer Connections. Each Sunday at our Columbia Campus, you can find Volunteer Connections in the lobby between services. Volunteer Connections hosts training and appreciation events, coordinates recruitment and retention efforts, and connects those interested in volunteering with ministries of interest. Volunteers and leaders gain leadership development skills, as well as complimentary refreshments on Sundays when volunteering.

Learn more about volunteering here, or in the Columbia Campus Lobby on Sundays.

Chandra's Story

Teaching Our Children To Serve

My daughter Kendall participates in the worship, as does Emmanuel. I was pleasantly surprised when he said he wanted to join the worship team, and the BridgeKids servants working with him were equally surprised. Several said they had never heard Emmanuel speak, let alone perform in front of others. But since joining the worship team, Emmanuel has grown in his devotional and prayer life, and he is so excited to be a part of worship that he never wants to miss, or be late to, practice or service.

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Ready to get started?

That's terrific!  We've got a few administrative items to complete, to get you into our system.

  1. Find a ministry of interest! Click here for Serving, here for Care, and/or here for Missions & Outreach - [If you're going to be working with kids, you are required to complete our Child Abuse & Neglect Policy training.]
  2. Contact us to let us know you're ready to take the next steps!
  3. Consider taking our one-day S.H.A.P.E. Seminar: for people to learn how God has made them, and to start to align ministry needs with personal interests and abilities. Click here to see upcoming events.

Thank you for your interest in helping us grow towards the vision to which God has called us!

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